StoreDot has developed batteries that can self-repair

StoreDot has announced the development of technology that will allow batteries, simply put, to self-heal. Technically, this is called self-repair, and these new cells will increase battery life and improve EV performance.

The new patented technology allows the battery cells to regenerate during use using a seamless background repair mechanism. The system includes a set of software algorithms with associated hardware. The self-healing battery system can detect a cell or series of cells that are overheating or performing poorly.

It then temporarily shuts them down to restore performance to 100%. It can do this while the EV is in use, and the driver experiences no interruption or loss of performance of his EV. StoreDot said its advancement of the self-recovering EV approach will play an important role in extending battery life and driving range. It will also help improve safety by preventing overheating or other hazards associated with thermal runaway.

A global patent was recently issued for “Repairing Defective Battery Branches and/or Cells by Deep Discharge.” It covers a new method of how this should be implemented in various EV battery scenarios while charging, resting or driving.

StoreDot CEO Dr. Doron Meyersdorf spoke about the importance of promoting the global spread of EVs, StoreDot’s development of its Extremely Fast Charging (XFC) cells and its commitment to developing the entire battery ecosystem.

“It’s important to us at StoreDot to encourage the global spread of electric vehicles so we can all live in a cleaner, zero-emissions world. Along with the development of our leading XFC silicon cells, StoreDot is committed to expanding our portfolio to develop the entire battery ecosystem. This latest patented technology is a unique way to repair individual cells or groups of cells when they are in service – a new step forward for self-repairing electric vehicles. This approach is truly transformative with huge real benefits for electric vehicle owners, improving the performance, safety and longevity of their vehicles. It also plays a crucial role in eliminating concerns about range, which remain a major barrier for electric vehicle owners.”

Doron Meyersdorf CEO and founder of StoreDot

The StoreDot self-repairing battery cell system is just one of the company’s innovations developed for the entire battery ecosystem. The company has also secured new patents for technologies that provide uninterrupted range for electric vehicles throughout their lifespan, even as the battery wears out. StoreDot is made available through open source, hardware and software enhancements to booster-type technology. This technology allows battery cells to receive a higher charging current, which in turn provides faster charging times even when there are limitations in the charging infrastructure.

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