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Author portfolios are based on time-tested strategies and stable income. They represent an analogue of a bank deposit, exceeding its indicators.

The author's strategy is a complex and potentially powerful weapon with which a modern company can withstand changing market conditions.

Actual ideas
Crypto 500
Crypto 500
Over-the-counter transactions
on cryptocurrency
  • Revenue forecast : +110% годовых
  • Investment period : from 1 year
Closed IPO fund
Closed IPO fund
American information technology
  • Revenue forecast : +45% per annum
  • Investment period : from 1 year

Oldest strategies with maximum diversification of portfolios in US dollars

Strategy portfolios are diversified by assets, sectors and issuers based on a thorough analysis of financial indicators, market situation and the internal data of each asset.

Strategies are designed to:

  • Investors who want to have a stable income in excess of the standard bank deposit.
  • People who value their time and want to invest for a period of 1 year or more.

The goal of the strategy

The goal of the strategy is to maintain and increase capital in US dollars by placing funds in a diversified portfolio of different sectors of the economy and a different range of instruments.

Perfect timing invest - always.
The sooner you start investing, the better
Difficult times call for new solutions

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