Global invesment
Global invesment
Recommended amount: $50k
Revenue forecast: +35.11%
Level of risk:
Investment conditions
Commission on profit:
Commission: 30% success free
Minimum term: 1 год
Top 10 positions
Align Technology Inc 13.23%
Snap Inc 9.54%
Pinterest Inc 8.34%
Facebook Inc 7.65%
Netflix Inc 6.05%
About the strategy

Global Investments is a formed strategy of multidirectional sectors of the economy and money market. The strategy is based on diversification into fast-growing sectors, such as: artificial intelligence, pharmacology, high technology, etc. This strategy is ideal for those who do not have enough time for independent analysis of the market, or want to have a passive income exceeding inflation rates.

Minimization of risks

The composition of the strategy allowed to minimize risks through extensive diversification. This strategy gathers companies with stable growth of key indicators, such as: financial, production, reputational, etc.
When assessing the investment attractiveness of the issuer, we rely on a comprehensive approach consisting of the following techniques:

-Macro analysis, the cyclicality of the company relative to the business cycle.

-Fundamental parsing – key business indicators, efficiency, financial health.In-depth internal analysis of the company and its reporting.

-In-depth internal analysis of the company and its reporting.

Information about the result

As a result, we get a balanced strategy with a yield over 20%, which in the current economic downturn and instability, is the best investment of funds.

Structure of Strategy
Growth by sector
Data is current from: 19-02-2021
Breakdown by sector
Information tehnologii
Technology and communication
Metals and mining
Oil and gas
Chemical production
Building materials
Comparison with the S&P 500
Global invesment
S&P 500
Perfect timing invest - always.
The sooner you start investing, the better
Difficult times call for new solutions

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