Closed IPO fund
Closed IPO fund
Recommended amount: 50 000$
Revenue forecast:
Level of risk:
Investment conditions
Commission on profit:
Commission: 20%
Minimum term:
Upstart 5%
AbCellera Biologics 4% 6%
Array Technologies Inc. 4%
Unity Software 9%
CureVac 3%
Zoominfo Technology 7%
GoodRX Holding 10%
DoorDash 3%
Остальные активы 49%
About the strategy

“Closed IPO fund” is a comprehensive approach to investing in IPOs of foreign issuers. Members of the strategy invest not only in IPOs presented on the website, but also in non-public assets. Non-public IPOs are available only to members of the closed fund. The main advantages of investing in this strategy is extensive diversification into completely different economic sectors. It also saves investor time, the hedge fund selects companies and makes the right decision for you. And one of the biggest advantages is the absence of a Lock – Up period.

Risk minimization

By diversifying and analyzing each company’s most important metrics, the fund decides whether or not a particular asset will participate in a given strategy.
Our fund evaluates each company according to hundreds of criteria, such as:

— company’s field of activity
— capitalization
— debt obligations
— composition of top management

Information about the result

The Global Secure Invest hedge fund tracks hundreds of companies that apply for initial public offerings, but only a fraction of them merit the attention they deserve. Afterwards, the fund evaluates the companies based on hundreds of criteria and gives a ready decision.
The “closed IPO fund” strategy combines maximum diversification and high returns.
Based on 2020 statistics, the return on this strategy was 65.4%.

Structure of Strategy
Growth by sector
Data is current from:
Breakdown by sector
Высокие технологие
Медицинский сектор
Игровая индустрия
Остальные сектора
Финансовые услуги
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