OTC Shares
OTC Shares
Recommended amount: $50 000
Revenue forecast: 84%
Level of risk:
Investment conditions
Commission on profit: 20%
Commission: Input: 2% ; Output: 3%
Minimum term: from 1 year
Composition of the strategy
Impossible Foods 33%
Robinhood 33%
Netskope 33%
About the strategy

The OTC Shares strategy is a portfolio that includes the top 3 companies that are already planning to go public this year, which means that you don’t have to wait several years before a company announces that it will go public.

You can already see a yield in excess of three digits within a year.

Each of the companies included in this portfolio already has a weighty background and successful development history, and analogues and competitors of these companies are already traded on the stock exchange and show good growth and stable dynamics.

Most importantly, the choice of companies the fund undertook and provides a ready-made investment solution, which has no analogues!

About companies

Impossible foods

Impossible Foods is a provider of plant-based beef products. Plant-based burgers and ground beef combine natural ingredients such as fats, amino acids and vitamins to create an artificial meat that provides the texture and flavor of conventional beef, allowing consumers access to an alternative to traditional meat and dairy products. Impossible Foods sells its products both to consumers through retail stores and directly to restaurants for integration into their menus.

Headquarters Regions:Redwood City, California
Number of rounds:9
Number of employees:375
Founded Date:2011


Develops a smart cloud security service platform designed to help companies take advantage of the cloud without compromising security. The Netskope Cloud Security platform helps companies eliminate blind spots with big data analytics, protect data across multiple locations and devices, and stop elusive real-time attacks with a single platform.

Sector:Cyber Security
Headquarters Regions:Santa Clara, California
Number of rounds:7
Number of employees:990
Founded Date:2012


Bitpay is a payment system that allows transactions with cryptocurrencies. The service was developed by the company of the same name. The system provides the use of wallets, payment systems for business, as well as the ability to pay with bitcoins by VISA card.
Bitpay service was launched in May 2011. Three years later, the company raised $30 million in investments. In May 2016, BitPay Visa was launched in the U.S., and a year later a similar service became available in Europe. Since March 2018, users can make payments in Bitcoin Cash.

Sector:Payment system
Headquarters Regions:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Number of rounds:7
Number of employees:250
Founded Date:2011

Why invest in OTC Shares

This strategy is ideal for those people who look at the long term, understand that investment is patience, and patience is rewarded.

The OTC market is actively gaining momentum and gives an opportunity to earn many times more than just buying at IPO. There are many examples in history of companies showing growth of 50 or even more than 100% just between rounds.

That’s why we assembled this portfolio and gave you the opportunity to invest in three giant companies at once.

About the OTC market

OTC markets is something that solves the problem of circulation of securities of small companies-over-the-counter market you can buy promising shares at a price hundreds of percent lower than the value after the IPO.

In the question of what is the OTC market, one cannot equate the OTC market with the stock exchange.

In the question of what is the OTC market, one cannot equate the OTC market with the stock exchange.
– Working at OTC Markets is more complicated because of the need to predict the behavior of young companies.
– There is no usual exchange liquidity, so it is not always possible to sell securities quickly.
– Over The Counter Market is more often used for medium- and long-term investing.
– This is a chance to buy promising securities and keep them until the company goes through IPO.

Information about the result

The OTC market expands opportunities for traders and investors.

Thanks to OTC Markets, there is an opportunity to invest in shares of small companies that have the potential to scale their business.

Pre-IPO investments give an opportunity to earn many times more as compared to investments in the same shares after listing on the stock exchange

Structure of Strategy
Growth by sector
Data is current from:
Breakdown by sector
тестовый 1
тестовый 2
тестовый 3
тестовый 4
тестовый 5
тестовый 6
Comparison with the S&P 500
S&P 500
Perfect timing invest - always.
The sooner you start investing, the better
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