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How is the collaboration going?

Each client signs a service agreement, fills out a qualified investor application and an application for anti-money laundering measures. Then the client gets access to his personal account.

How Is A hedge Fund Regulated?

The investment structure of the GSI hedge fund is regulated by the AIFM directive. Registered with the Czech National Bank, ICO number: 08241473.
Meets all the requirements of MiFID, OECD, FATF.

Where do I transfer money?

The company has three partner banks: Česká spořitelna, Raiffeisen Bank - Prague. Morgan Stanley-London.

How do I transfer funds?

The client can only Deposit funds via Bank transfer. The withdrawal is made to the Bank account of the client specified in the agreement.

What is the minimum Deposit amount?

The minimum investment amount is 50,000 Euro - This is in line with the ČNB regulation on qualified investors.

Who is responsible for developing a successful strategy?

Department of experienced experts and analysts in the field of financial market. They have many years of experience in creating successful strategies.

How is the investment portfolio formed?

We have developed a system that allows us to react sensitively to the market mood and analyze large amounts of data. This makes it possible to anticipate changes and act ahead of the curve.

How do I participate in an IPO?

You must go to the IPO/OTC section on the company's website, select the company you like and submit a request to participate in this IPO. After that, your Manager will contact You to submit your application.

How does a hedge Fund work ?

We provide ready-made solutions for a number of unique products. Our team of experts deeply analyzes companies and forms relevant portfolios.

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