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16 November 2022
The collapse of FTX will leave a lasting mark on the venture capital world

The sudden rise and fall of FTX seemingly caught everyone by surprise. However, as fast as it happened, the effects […]

30 September 2022
TripActions seeks to dispel the lull in the IPO market

Palo Alto, California-based TripActions has confidentially filed to go public next year. The news was first reported by Business Insider. […]

21 September 2022
CytoReason aims for $110 million in net income through partnership with Pfizer

On Sept. 20, the companies announced a renewed partnership with a $20 million investment from Pfizer, projected to total $110 […]

18 June 2022
Klarna is negotiating to raise funds at an estimate of about $15 billion.

The $15 billion estimate is significantly less than the $45.6 billion estimate the “buy now, pay later” giant reached after […]

25 April 2022
The deal went through. Twitter cost Ilon Musk $44 billion.

Musk will pay $54.20 per share, or about $44 billion, to acquire the company and take it private. The New […]

10 January 2022
StoreDot has developed batteries that can self-repair

StoreDot has announced the development of technology that will allow batteries, simply put, to self-heal. Technically, this is called self-repair, […]

22 December 2021
Ford unveiled technology to charge electric cars from each other

Ford has presented a car with a simple, but very important and interesting function, the so-called technology of charging electric […]

17 December 2021
Volvo, Daimler and Traton announce charging network for trucks

Three leading truck manufacturers Volvo Group, Daimler Truck and Traton Group have signed an agreement to establish a public network […]

25 October 2021
Tesla’s direct competitor, Xpeng unveiled its first aero car

A subsidiary of HT Aero, the Chinese rival of Tesla, electric car maker Xpeng Inc. will release a flying car […]

16 August 2021
Warren Buffett’s Neo Bank plans to become the most expensive digital bank in the world. An IPO date is planned for the end of 2021.

Nu Pagamentos SA, the Brazilian fintech backed by billionaire Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is planning an initial public offering […]

10 July 2021
Stripe is preparing to IPO and go public.

Stripe’s top management has enlisted the law firm Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton to prepare for an IPO. According to […]

2 July 2021
Didi’s stock plummeted after its IPO, investors decided to sue.

China has launched an investigation into the cab ordering service Didi, banning new users from registering while it is being […]

31 May 2021
Europe’s most valuable “unicorn” may grow to $40 billion

Klarna is a fintech company that provides its users with a “buy now, pay later” service. The company has 90 […]

27 May 2021
Amazon buys Hollywood studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for $8.45 billion

Amazon “will help preserve MGM’s legacy and its catalog of films” by making them available to a wide range of […]

19 May 2021
OTC Shares is a new product of our hedge fund. Investments in the giants of the OTC market.

About Strategy The OTC Shares strategy is a portfolio that includes the top 3 companies that are already planning to […]

20 April 2021
Bill Gates is saving the planet. A billionaire’s business or a real desire to save the planet?

The fact that one of the richest people on the planet has long been dedicated to solving environmental problems is […]

2 April 2021
Google is actively investing more than $1 billion in the development of its news media.

О News Showcase Google has licensing agreements with more than 600 news outlets around the world and is seeing “tremendous […]

2 February 2021
Sana Biotechnology joins the Board of Directors.

About company Sana Biotechnolo was founded in 2018, is headquartered in Seattle, and employs about 240 people. Sana Biotechnology was […]

29 January 2021
Robinhood pulled the plug on buying GameStop stock because of a Reddit flash mob.

The popular service Robinhood banned users to open long positions on shares of video game retailer GameStop, telecommunications company Nokia […]

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