Sector: FinTech

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Staff Number: 200

Year Established: 2011

Terms of Investments

Commission: 20% of profit

Login fee: 3.5%

Commission for exit: 2.5%

Recommended investment period: 3 years

Minimum investment period: from 1 year

Detailed info about the company

Total amount raised : $74.3M

Number of investors: 31

Founders:  Anthony Gallippi, Stephen Pair

Раунд: Series Seed Капитализация: $4,38M Цена за акцию: $0.1 Дата: July, 2013
Раунд: Series Seed-2 Капитализация: $21,00M Цена за акцию: $0.43 Дата: May, 2013
Раунд: Series A Капитализация: $161,16M Цена за акцию: $2.65 Дата: May, 2014
Раунд: Series B and B-1 Капитализация: $366,18M Цена за акцию: $4.31 Дата: April, 2018

Capitalization table

RoundDateNumber of investorsAmount of attractionsLeading investors
Series BJul 22, 20211$1,8M
Secondary MarketMay 5, 20212
Secondary MarketMar 4, 20211
Series BApr 2, 20188$10MAquiline Capital Partners
Venture RoundJan 2, 20181Virgin Group
Series BDec 6, 20173$30MAquiline Technology Growth
Series AMay 13, 20149$30MIndex Ventures
Seed RoundMay 16, 20131$2MFounders Fund
Seed RoundJan 7, 20139$510K

About company

Bitpay is a payment system that allows transactions with cryptocurrencies. The service was developed by the company with the same name. The system provides the use of wallets, payment systems for business, as well as the ability to pay with bitcoins by VISA card.

Bitpay service was launched in May 2011. Three years later, the company raised $30 million in investments. In May 2016, BitPay Visa was launched in the U.S., and a year later a similar service became available in Europe. Since March 2018, users can make payments in Bitcoin Cash.

Key investors

AME Cloud Ventures, Aquiline Capital Partners, Barry Silbert, Capital Nine, Christopher Klauss Family Office, Delta-v Capital, Felicis Ventures, Founders Fund, G Squared, Horizons Ventures

Index Ventures, Jimmy Furland, Menlo Ventures, Nimble Ventures, RRE Ventures, Richard Branson, Roger Ver, Shakil Khan, TTV Capital

GSI Company Rating

The carefree beginning of summer in the cryptocurrency world has been eventful. Especially as far as cryptocurrency regulation and approvals are concerned.

The hero of the main event was El Salvador – it is the first country in the world that accepted bitcoin as official tender. The initiative of the young president Nayib Buquele was supported by the Congress, in one moment writing the state in the history of cryptocurrencies.

The integration of bitcoin into El Salvador’s financial system is expected to solve these problems and greatly simplify the transfer process.

Bitpay representatives recently conducted a survey in the U.S. and found that almost 93% of the 8,000 respondents would like to be able to pay for purchases in cryptocurrency and have purchased the digital currency for it.

Since the last round, which took place in 2021, the company has grown 50%. Bitpay is funded by 30 investors.

Once the company goes public, the stock price will rise and show triple digits over the long term.

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