Website: www.d2iq.com

Sector: Cloud Computing

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Staff Number: 400

Year Established: 2013

Terms of Investments

Commission: 20% of profit

Login fee: 3.5%

Commission for exit: 2.5%

Recommended investment period: 3 years

Minimum investment period: from 1 year

Detailed info about the company

Total amount of investments : $247.3M

Number of investors: 42

Founders: Benjamin Hindman, Florian Leibert, Tobi Knaup

Раунд: Series A-1 Капитализация: $13,50M Цена за акцию: $0.58 Дата: February, 2014
Раунд: Series A Капитализация: $50,65M Цена за акцию: $1.89 Дата: June, 2014
Раунд: Series B Капитализация: $184,50M Цена за акцию: $5.17 Дата: December, 2014
Раунд: Series C Капитализация: $467,87M Цена за акцию: $10.41 Дата: March, 2016
Раунд: Series D Капитализация: $751,62M Цена за акцию: $11.05 Дата: May, 2018

Capitalization table

RoundDateNumber of investorsAmount of attractionsLeading investors
Series DMay 7, 20189$125MKoch Disruptive Technologies, T. Rowe Price
Series CMar 24, 20165$73.5MHewlett Packard Enterprise
Series BDec 8, 20147$36MKhosla Ventures
Series BJun 9, 20143$10.5MAndreessen Horowitz
Funding RoundMay 7, 20141=
Seed RoundMay 14, 20137$2.3M=

About company

2DiQ is an American technology company based in San Francisco, California that develops data center software based on Apache Mesos. The product is called Datacenter Operating System

Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System (DC / OS) is a new type of operating system that covers all physical or cloud data center servers and runs on top of any Linux distribution. DC/OS Mesosphere allows you to run and manage applications in the datacenter the same way you would run your applications on an Apache Mesos laptop.

Key investors

A Capital, A.Capital Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Center Electric, Data Collective, Disruptive Technology Advisers, FUEL Capital, Foundation Capital, Fuel Capital, Hewlett Packard Pathfinder

Intel Corporation, Khosla Ventures, Koch Industries, Microsoft, Qatar Investment Authority, SV Angel, T. Rowe Price, Triangle Peak Partners, Two Sigma Ventures, Zhongwei Capital

GSI Company Rating

The company’s last round was in 2018, and since then, D2IQ’s share price has risen 50%.
There are indications that the company will conduct another round in the first quarter of 2022, with a price per share that could rise by at least 50%.
D2IQ is funded by 20 investors. Khosla Ventures, T. Rowe Price and Andreessen Horowitz are key among them.

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