Sector: IT

Headquarters: Santa Clara, California

Number of Employees: 990

Year of Organization: 202

Terms of Investments

Commission: 20% of profit

Login fee: 3.5%

Commission for exit: 1.5%

Company info

Total amount raised : $1.05B

Number of investors: 12

Founders: Krishna Narayanaswamy, Ravi Ithal, Sanjay Beri

Раунд: Series A Капитализация: $22,00M Цена за акцию: $0.38 Дата: January, 2013
Раунд: Series B Капитализация: $63,00M Цена за акцию: $0.76 Дата: May, 2013
Раунд: Series C Капитализация: $160,00M Цена за акцию: $1.65 Дата: May, 2014
Раунд: Series D Капитализация: $330,00M Цена за акцию: $2.24 Дата: September, 2015
Раунд: Series E Капитализация: $520,00M Цена за акцию: $2.64 Дата: June, 2017
Раунд: Series F Капитализация: $1,30B Цена за акцию: $5.45 Дата: November, 2018
Раунд: Series G Капитализация: $3,00B Цена за акцию: $8.37 Дата: February, 2020
Раунд: Series H Капитализация: $7,53B Цена за акцию: $20.44 Дата: July, 2021

Capitalization table

Series HJul 2021$300M$7.53B800M$20.45
Series GFeb, 2020$340M$3.0B350M$8.37
Series FNov, 2018$170M$1.3B230M$5.45
Series EJun, 2017$100M$520M200M$2.64
Series DSep, 2015$75M$330M150M$2.24
Series CMay, 2014$35M$160M110M$1.45
Series BMay, 2013$16M$63M83M$0.76
Series AJan, 2013$5.5M$22M58M$0.38

About company

Netskope is developing a smart cloud security service platform designed to help companies take advantage of the cloud without compromising security. The Netskope Cloud Security platform helps companies eliminate blind spots with big data analytics, protect data across multiple locations and devices, and stop elusive real-time attacks with a single platform.

Key investors

Accel, Social Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Dell Technologies Capital, Citi Ventures, ICONIQ Capital

Sapphire Ventures, Geodesic Capital, Base Partners, Sequoia Capital, Canada Pension Plan Invest, PSP Investments

GSI Company Rating

In addition to the goals they achieved, employees noticed that the experience led to a positive change in the company’s corporate culture. The time they “pretended” to be a startup made them treat the company like a startup. The Lean methodology has spread to the entire technical team. Users are now as involved as possible in the development of new features. The company did everything possible to protect itself from the negative consequences of code recycling: bringing innovation to the new company, the developers were not afraid to think up new things and take big risks. The worst that could happen was that they would hit a dead end, but not damage the existing product. Perhaps this approach seems too radical, and in fact there is no need to go that far. But it shows how high the stakes are.

Since the last round, which took place in 2021, the company has grown by more than 50 percent. Netskope is funded by 12 investors. Sapphire Ventures as well as Sequoia Capital are the most key investors.
Once the company goes public, the stock price will rise and show triple digits in the long term.

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The sooner you start investing, the better
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