Website: www.pilot.com

Sector: FinTech

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Staff Number: 200

Year Established: 2016

Terms of Investments

Commission: 20% of profit

Login fee: 3.5%

Commission for exit: 2.5%

Recommended investment period: 3 years

Minimum investment period: from 1 year

Detailed info about the company

Total amount of investments: $161.3M

Number of investors: 24

Founders: Jeff Arnold, Jessica McKellar

Раунд: Series A-2 Капитализация: $40,00M Цена за акцию: $0.05 Дата: January, 2017
Раунд: Series A-1 Капитализация: $100,00M Цена за акцию: $0.13 Дата: March, 2018
Раунд: Series B Капитализация: $400,00M Цена за акцию: $0.53 Дата: April, 2019
Раунд: Series B-1 Капитализация: $400,00M Цена за акцию: $0.53 Дата: July, 2020
Раунд: Series C Капитализация: $600,00M Цена за акцию: $0.80 Дата: January, 2021
Раунд: Series C-1 Капитализация: $1,23B Цена за акцию: $1.52 Дата: March, 2021

Capitalization table

RoundDateNumber of investorsAmount of attractionsLeading investors
Series CMar 26, 20214$100MBezos Expeditions,Sequoia Capital, Whale Rock Capital Management
Series BApr 17, 20194$43MIndex Ventures, Stripe
Series AMar 14, 201815$15MIndex Ventures
Seed RoundFeb 28, 20176$3.3M

About company

Pilot offers accounting, tax and financial services for growing businesses. The company’s platform offers accurate financial statements and automated accrual accounting for on-demand, error-free reporting, allowing businesses to reduce the time, cost and labor associated with traditional outsourced accounting methods.

Key investors

Bezos Expeditions, Index Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Stripe, Undisclosed Investors, Whale Rock Capital

GSI Company Rating

As more and more startups are entering the market, they just need Pilot’s services.

This company facilitates the time and financial costs for emerging companies, which are resources that are important in building any business;

We expect at least 2 more rounds of fundraising, and the first of these could take place in the first quarter of 2022. This could double the share price to $5.

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