Sector: Charging station

Headquarters: Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Israel

Staff Number: 250

Year Established: 2012

Terms of Investments

Commission: 20% of profit

Login fee: 3.5%

Commission for exit: 2.5%

Recommended investment period: 3 years

Minimum investment period: from 1 year

Detailed information about the company

Total amount of investments : $158MM

Number of investors: 13

Founders: Doron Myersdorf, Gil Rosenman, Simon Litsyn

Capitalization table

RoundDateNumber of investorsAmount of attractionsLeading investors
Series DJan 4, 20221$60MVinfast
Secondary MarketJul 5, 20211
Secondary MarketJun 2, 20211Raison Asset Management
Venture RoundApr 1, 20211$450K
GrantDec 21, 2020
Series CMay 22, 20181$20MBP
Series CAug 9, 20174$60MDaimler
Series BAug 19, 20151$2M
Series BOct 1, 20142$42MSingulariteam
Series BAug 1, 20141
Series AJun 12, 2014

About company

Developer and supplier of lithium-ion batteries with ultra-fast charging for electric vehicles. StoreDot’s fast charging component can be fully charged in five minutes, and then it partially charges the lithium-ion battery at normal speed.

The batteries were produced by EVE Energy in China on standard production lines used to assemble lithium-ion batteries.

The main difference in these batteries is that the graphite used in most modern batteries has been replaced with metalloid nanoparticles. This replacement solves problems with safety, battery life, and battery swelling -the main problems on the way to fast charging.

By the end of 2021, StoreDot plans to release a second prototype in which graphite will be replaced by cheaper silicon, according to Doron Meyersdorf, head of the startup.

Key investors

Veligera Capital, Raison Asset Management, JOINT JOURNEY, BP, Millhouse LLC, AltaIR Capital, Samsung Ventures, Daimler, Singulariteam.

GSI Company Rating

By 2030, the market for lithium-ion batteries will reach $100 billion. StoreDot products can be used in three industries at once: electronics, avionics (onboard electronic systems), and electric transport, which has become the main focus for the company. Electric cars are expected to replace about 20% of the world’s conventional vehicles by 2030.

10 01.22

StoreDot has developed batteries that can self-repair

StoreDot has announced the development of technology that will allow batteries, simply put, to self-heal. Technically, this is called self-repair, […]

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